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How do I make an offer?

You can chat with sellers about items to ask questions, agree on prices, set meetups, and more–right in the app without revealing your personal information. It couldn't be easier:

From an item's post, tap Ask to send a message. That's it!


When browsing items, you'll notice that some say Asking above the price, but others simply say Price. As a buyer, it's important to understand the difference before you tap Ask or Make Offer.

An item labeled Price has a Firm price. This means that the posted price is non-negotiable. When you tap Make Offer, you can only make a full-price offer. You can always chat with the seller if you still want to discuss the price.

An Asking price means that the seller's price is negotiable. When you tap Make Offer, you'll be able to offer any price you want. The seller can accept the offer, negotiate with you, or say no to your offer.

Here's a few tips for making a negotiable offer:

  • Don't make an offer unless you're serious about buying the item.
  • Although it's negotiable, the price can be considered a rough guideline.
  • Be fair. If you have an idea of the item's value, don't make a lowball offer. The seller will be less likely to respond or counteroffer.
  • If the seller has set a very low price such as $1 for an item clearly worth more, offer a reasonable price.
  • Be respectful and open to counter-offers.
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