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How shipping works for buyers

When you buy from sellers who offer shipping, you can select items from all across the country. Make your offer and pay right in the app, and get the item mailed directly to you.

How to buy with shipping

  1. To see what’s available to be shipped to you, tap Shipping.
    Screenshot of the Pick up and Shipping tabs on the home screen.
  2. Tap any item to view its details. You’ll see where the item is and how much shipping will cost. Costs vary by item and are based on package weight.
    Screenshot of an item screen and a map of the item's location.
  3. If you’re interested in the item, tap the Ship to me button.
    Screenshot of the Ask and Ship to me buttons.
  4. Make your offer to the seller. You’ll be asked for your physical address and payment info if you haven’t entered it already. More about buying with OfferUp payments
    Screenshot of a message that confirms you made an offer for an item to be shipped, including the price of the offer and the price of shipping.
  5. If the seller accepts your offer, your payment method will be charged. We'll generate the shipping label for the seller, and they’ll package and mail the item to you. Packages are sent via USPS Priority Mail.
  6. When you receive the item, you have 3 days to evaluate it before the sale is final.

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