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Share a Board

Boards are fun to share with other people, especially when you're shopping together for an event, to furnish a room, or just to spend time together.

Quick Save is your private Board, which can't be shared. To share items on Quick Save, add the items to a different Board. Share any Board you created by using the Invite button.

  1. Log in to the OfferUp app

  2. Tap Offers

  3. Select Boards

  4. Select the Board you want to share, then tap Invite

  5. Choose what level of access they'll have:

    • Tap Can Edit to let them see the Board in their Boards list, and add or remove items

    • Tap Can View Only to let them see the Board only by following the link you send, not in their own Boards

  6. Tap on Email, Messages, Facebook, or other method to send your invitation

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