How can we help you?

How contact info helps

When you add info like an email address or phone number to your account, OfferUp can help you keep your account more secure. For example, if you lost your password, we could contact you to reset your password. Or if someone tried to take over your account, you could demonstrate that it's really yours.

When you see that other people have added contact info, it's easier to trust that they're good members of the OfferUp community. If they don't have the contact info badge, there's no way to be certain that your messages are getting to them. In contrast, people who verify their email addresses get notified of new messages and some notifications through email.

We encourage doing business with reliable people, and we're glad we can provide a service that helps people see indicators, like badges, to see how trustworthy the other person might be.

Contact info is never shared from your account, and OfferUp never posts to your social media without your permission.

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