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How ratings work on OfferUp

How ratings work on OfferUp

After you buy or sell something, the app asks each person to rate the other. Each of you can choose to give the other person up to 5 stars, and can choose to include other information including Reliable, On time, and Communicative. 

Your rating on OfferUp is the average of the number of gold stars other people rate you. People can see your rating where they see your name and profile photo. At this time, there’s no way to see individual ratings from individual people.

The number next to the stars shows how many people have rated you for things you’ve bought and sold. 

View your ratings

On you mobile device, open the OfferUp app, then tap . You'll see your gold stars displayed with a number to indicate how many star ratings were averaged. 

If your number of ratings don’t increase after you bought or sold something, it’s possible the other person didn’t rate you. If you’ve chosen not to rate the other person, there may be up to 24 hours delay before you see their rating of you.