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Hide a message or notification

To hide a message

  1. Tap Alerts .
  2. On the message you'd like to hide, swipe left.
  3. On an iPhone, iPhod, or iPad, tape Hide.

To unhide a message

  1. Tap Alerts .
  2. Tap Hidden Notifications on iPhone, iPod, or iPad. On Android, tap Hidden Alerts. Note: If there's no Hidden Notification or Hidden Alerts to tap on, there aren't any hidden messages.
  3. Swipe left on the message you'd like to unhide. On an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, tap Unhide.

Notifications can't be deleted at this time. We keep them around so that you'll have a record of any action you've taken. Hiding a message doesn't take up any extra space on your mobile device.

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